Iphone Notifications Not Showing On Locked Screen. Tap the currently active focus to. You can use group notifications or keep them separate.

How to hide calls and notifications while using your iPhone from www.idownloadblog.com

Sometimes, your iphone acts up for no apparent reason. Select an app under notification style. Go to settings > notifications.

Finally Hit “Restore” And Wait For The Process To Get Over.

If you see a crescent moon icon on the upper right of your iphone, this could prevent you from receiving notifications, depending on your settings. You can also turn sounds and badges on or off. When you don't see notifications, first try turning off your iphone and turning it back on before moving onto more advanced troubleshooting.

Next To The Mail Settings > Notifications.

And before we do some damage control, let’s disable focus and see if the notifications start pouring in or not. Here is the first option is turn notifications on or off quickly for all accounts at once. You can use group notifications or keep them separate.

Iphone Notifications Not Working When Locked.

Go to settings app on iphone, ipad. If you are not getting notifications after the ios 15 update, focus might be the culprit. How to master notifications on your iphone.

If Your Iphone Notifications Are Set To The “When Unlocked” Option, You Will Not See Notifications When Your Phone Is Locked.

Go to settings > notifications. Reset all settings on iphone. Check focus or do not disturb mode.

From The Lock Screen, Do Any Of The Following:

You would be needed to provide the passcode or your fingerprint in order to access these settings. To fix this, you can go to: What you want to do here is to go to settings > general > reset and then you will have to select the reset all settings option.


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